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Lead Official - AKA as L.  Official that is on the endline in a team’s front court, coverage is sideline to sideline


Center Official – AKA as C.  Official that is on the weak side in 3-man mechanics


Trail Official – AKA as T.  Official that is on the strong side with the Lead official in 3-man mechanics, and near the 28 foot line in 2-man mechanics, in a team’s front court, working closest to the sideline.













Strong side vs. Weak Side – Strong is the side of the court that the ball is on as well as the majority of the playing action, usually the lead is on this side in 3 man mechanics.  Week side is off ball













Close Down – In the lead position this is moving towards the lane lines when the ball is on the opposite side of the court.  This allows a better view and makes you quicker to rotate.












Stay Wide – Stepping towards the sideline in the lead.  This is the better view during rebounding action and when  the  lead is looking from the 3-point line in towards the post.











Box them in – Keeping the majority of the players within an imaginary box between the 2 or 3 officials on the court and having both side lines and end lines covered.  This is where staying wide comes into play as not to allow action outside the most efficient view.











Primary & secondary defenders – Primary defender is the one guarding the ball handler.  Secondary defender is an off ball defender that may incur a foul if the primary defender is beat on a drive to the basket.










Competitive  matchup – Matchup with the ball handler and a defender.  This could also be off ball when you have a team’s best player being guarded closely trying to get to the ball or coming off picks.










Table Side – Side of the court with the scorer’s table and both teams benches


Rotation – When the lead rotates under the basket to the strong side in 3 man mechanics.  This could also be when a foul is called and the officials switch positions during reporting.














Straight Lined – When your view of a competitive matchup is blocked by being in line with the defender and the offensive player.













Mirror the Ball – Moving along the end line or sideline in unison with the ball movement to stay properly engaged and maintain the proper angle.


Bump & Run – When one official “bumps” the other official out of the current position and the vacating official takes another position.


Closely Guarded – When the defender is within 6 feet, from foot to foot, of a ball handler either holding or dribbling the ball.


Point of Interruption (POI) – Method of resuming play due to a whistle, interrupted game, correctable error, or double foul.  Play is resumed by a free throw or throw-in where the ball was located when stoppage occurred.